2X range plus Apt-x:Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter review

Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter

Amped wireless is a company specialized at long range wireless transmission. Their dual band Wi-Fi router and high power antenna win a lot of reputation on the market for superior performance. Now they claimed the launch of a long range bluetooth speaker adaptor with extended transmit capacity. In fact, they give us a product with 2x the normal range via bluetooth. This adaptor is also capable of apt-x codec which can deliver clear and high quality sound. These two distinguish characteristics make it a good bluetooth music receiver for wireless broadcasting. Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth Music receiver2


As a Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter BTSA1  frees all your source devices from any wired connection with docks or cables. It just stream your collection of music on mobile equipment wirelessly to your audio HiFi system. What you need to do is simply plug an RCA cable into the output interface and the other end into the input interface of your AV receiver or speaker and pair BTSA1 with your music playing device. Then you are welcome to the new wireless music world without annoying cables. It’s just that simple. With this Long Range technology you can move freely with a superior sound throughout the office or your house without worrying dropouts or distortion. That situation may happen under normal range bluetooth connection if you get out a little far from the receiving device.

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Free Rhapsody Membership

As a partnership of Rhapsody anyone who has purchased this adapter will get a free 2 months membership of unlimited music play without ads. And you can also download and share millions of songs with your friends.

Long Range and Superior quality

Normal Bluetooth adapters will work well and quite good within 30 feet. But you cannot make they function properly out that range. This is an inherent limitation of Bluetooth Class 2 devices. That is the range they designed to be in. In order to get a further range you either upgrade to a bluetooth class 1 receiver, for now only Sony BM10, or get one with extra antenna to ensure a larger range than normal.  In this category we have Mass Fidelity Relay  and Arcam rBlink, but they are relatively costly for DAC function included. Now we have this additional member the Ampeb Wireless BTSA1 Bluetooth Music Speaker Adapter. Engineers of Amped Wireless utilized some advanced technologies to provide us this 2x farther range adapter. The extra high gain antenna design even consolidates the extraordinary range of this adapter. Two high power amplifiers and the apt-X codec make sure that the long range is not the only benefit you can get from the BTSA1 bluetooth music receiver but also the superior high quality sound. For a wireless device the sound quality and the transmit range are equally important features, long range means freedom and good quality means enjoyment. As a compatible product BTSA1 would work well with any speaker through 3.5mm or RCA inputs and pairs smoothly with any Bluetooth-enabled device.  Bestow your stereos and speakers a new life, free your devices, and start streaming now.

Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth So the overall performance of this Bluetooth music receiver is nice. In my house, the effective action range is almost 40-50 feet. My amp and speakers are in the dining room, and the Amped functions well from somewhere on the first floor. It’s really cool to be listening to quiet music in either the living room or kitchen, and then switch songs with your iPhone without moving. In addition to the range, my impression is that the Amped might sound a little better than the other two receivers I used to wireless connection, but that’s fairly subjective for an apt-x compatible device. There are many Bluetooth receiver music receiver reviews in this website you can just click here to view them or use the search function on the blog.  Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth2


The Amped is the best Bluetooth adaptor so far. If you don’t need the range (pairing within a single room) the Startech bluetooth music receiver will be probably sufficient. But if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker adaptor that can go between rooms, the Amped  BSTA1 is a much better choice.  So I give five stars to this long range Bluetooth speaker adaptor. Honestly Recommend!

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  • Anderson J Wang August 22, 2014 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Can I connect this to a TV via its audio out and connect it with a wireless bluetooth speaker like MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker? Thanks!

    • portablehifi August 24, 2014 at 2:49 pm - Reply

      Yes! Of course! What you ask is just this device designed for. You can connect this Amped long range Bluetooth Adapter with your TV and receive the audio signal through any Bluetooth playback item you have.

  • Amy W December 5, 2014 at 1:23 am - Reply

    Trying to figure out if this could work for what my mother would like to do. She would like to connect something to her old compact stereo unit (cassette and cd) but then use a portable speaker, in this scenario bluetooth, to move the sound around with her throughout her house? Eventually she might pick up a smart phone too; would this device be able to then serve both functions. It is difficult to tell if the unit has to be connected to a speaker or some technology via a chord from this description or can stand as it’s own unit to connect a phone/tablet to a portable speaker.

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