About us

Thank you for visiting our website. On this page, we would like introduce about ourselves– owners of Portable HiFi Review.

First, we are group of people in the age of 30-50 who are interested in video, music and technique. We have been experiencing in these fields for many years. We usually spend hours to enjoy music and testing equipment search for IT information.

Being troubled by all different cables in a mass, I recently decided to add wireless streaming function to my home stereo system and my office as well by adding a simple Bluetooth Receiver. This would bring convenience not only to me but also my wife, she can’t tell the difference between digital and analog. I also managed to introduce Nyrius Wireless HDMI kit to my home theater to replace the unsightly long HDMI cable, which were plugged into my ceiling-mount projector.

I do some research to before purchasing these stuffs to make sure get the right product, and tried many popular products in this kind. I get a lots of personal experience. In that period I meet some friends also have the same goals as mine, We were customers of Amazon (and still are). So we decided to built this website to document the research, and share our experience with those who are also in the market for an idea small HiFi device. We will try and keep it updated as time permits and hope you find some useful information here. Thanks for checking out my website and happy wireless music.

If you have any questions. Please also read Terms of Service before using this website.

Thank you.

Have a nice day!!!