Top 6 Bluetooth Car Stereo Receivers: We Need Wireless Music in Car

Power Acoustik In-Dash DVD AM/FM Bluetooth Car stereo Receiver

If you want to update your old cassette player to a new Bluetooth car stereo receiver. Power Acoustik In-Dash DVD AM/FM Receiver with 7-Inch Flip-Out Touch screen monitor and USB/SD input will be a reasonable choice. It provides an easy way to communicate with a smart phone and also links up to online music service such as Pandora nicely to give you a better stereo car music environment.Power_Acoustik_bluetooth_car_Receiver_Flip_Out_Touchscreen_1 Power Acoustik Bluetooth Car Stereo receiver has no sophisticated EQ adjustments. The manufacturer managed to give this bluetooth car receiver good power to make sure you can get excellent surrounding sound with it. It also comes with a nice outline design. Operation of Bluetooth audio from a cell phone is quick and simple, just connect the phone and select BT Audio as the source. When testing out the bluetooth, the sound quality is quite good on the receiving side. Beside the Bluetooth it can also be used with a USB (a tiny one) for music,  and having still the flexibility to play CDs when needed.What I love most is that is launches Pandora radio. So this Power Acoustik bluetooth car stereo receiver plays whatever you wish to play. All setting can be done on its large touch screen if you want, you can change the crossover of the unit easily on the it. I used a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini,the pairing and streaming is smooth and without incident. I guess it would work as great with other phones.  Recommend to anyone who wants the flexibility and convenience of it. >-Click to View Details and Availability of This Power Acoustik Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver on

Pioneer FH-X700BT In-Dash Double DIN CD/MP3/USB Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver, Pandora Link, MIXTRAX & iPod Support

Pioneer_FH_X700BT_In_Dash_Bluetooth_Car_Receiver_1 The Pioneer FH-X700BT is an in-dash double din Bluetooth receiver for car, which can connect with any bluetooth enabled audio device that has A2DP supporting and stream music from the device to the car radio system. This will work collaboratively with an iPod, iPhone, or android device. It also comes with an AM/FM tuner. Pioneer FH-X700BT In-Dash Double DIN CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver can act as a powerful amplifier. With either of these sources, it sounds awesome through your car speakers. There are 210,000 colors to choose from for the color illumination. This makes it easy to match any factory dash styles. If you have an old car without bluetooth feature,and don’t want to invest much on it.  Maybe you want to get a new vehicle in a year or two. But is here the need for Bluetooth connection with car speaker system. Pioneer FH-X700BT In-Dash Double DIN CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver is beyond doubt a vital of similarities for outstanding audio quality and no hassle operation. All in all it is a fine Pioneer Bluetooth car stereo receiver with good sound and quality. Definitely a good purchase and you can’t go wrong with this action. >-Click to View Details and Availability of This Pioneer FH-X700BT Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver on

Sony MEXN5000BT CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC Pairing & App Remote SmartPhone Control

Sony_MEXN5000BT_Bluetooth_Car_Stereo_Receiver As a newly released Bluetooth car stereo receiver Sony MEXN5000BT stereo receiver features a whole range of modern techs to facilitate your music enjoyment and controlling in car space. It features Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for one touch connection with any compatible device. It will simultaneously pair up to two bluetooth devices for hands free phone calls even during audio streaming. The receiver provides complete access to your mobile devices. It provides both iOS and android apps for remote control of most internal functions from your smart phones.  Sony MEXN5000BT CD Car Stereo Receiver also utilizes voice recognition function to let you use your phone more effectively. Android phone owners may even select audio sources and respond to massage or email vocally. Pandora internet radio and SiriusXM are also covered to broaden your music source choice. That would be extremely useful for a long trip. You can gain access to own Pandora account to enjoy the music you love at anytime, anywhere. With the front 5V/1A USB slot of Sony MEXN5000BT CD Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver you can charge the most mobile device, and any compatible audio device can be plugged into as another source. For performance, you will never feel easily disappointed with a Sony product. >-Click to View Details and Availability of This Sony MEXN5000BT Bluetooth Receiver for Car on

JVC KWAV61BT 6.1-Inch DVD-CD-USB Bluetooth Receiver for Car

JVC_KWAV61BT_6.1_Inch_DVD_CD_USB_Bluetooth_car_stereo_receiver JVC KWAV61BT is a double din bluetooth car stereo receiver with a large scale touch screen. It has adjustable color background. Button controls are awesome. Multilevel equalizer is great with pre-sets and customizable. It fits perfectly with most cars and trucks. Installation was pretty straightforward you only need small kits to finish it. It has lots of features and functions on it: Bluetooth, CD/DVD, USB and AUX. The 6.1 touch screen is nice and smooth and the touch is very responsive. The extraordinary quality of the color and sound makes you feel terrific. The audio from stereo is clear and perfect for any kind of music with 50 watts of sound out-put and fits well with any car audio system. It sounds with clean, deep bass and detailed sparking highs. If you can get this JVC KWAV61BT Bluetooth car stereo receiver for around $300, that will be a great value for money. >-Click to View Details and Availability of This JVC KWAV61BT Bluetooth Receiver for Car on

Pioneer AVH-X4500BT 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7 In. Touchscreen Display and Bluetooth

Pioneer_AVH_X4500BT_Multimedia_Touchscreen_Bluetooth_car_Stereo_receiver Any product that pioneer makes will always be the best quality. It’s no different for this Pioneer AVH-X4500BT 2-DIN Bluetooth car stereo receiver. It is an excellent car music entertainment system. Pioneer AVH-X4500BT fits older model such TOYOTA Corolla perfectly. It features a branch of great features and user friendly. The bluetooth, auxiliary, ipod, radio, and the TV plug-ins work fine like they should. The 7 inch touch screen is very responsive so you don’t need to press hard to perform an action like did with other cheaper ones. Most iPhone fans will be very thrilled to be noticed that Pioneer AVH-X4500BT arrange a touch screen button to activate Siri service. While driving, you can command Siri to make calls, read recent messages, dictate texts, or search for directions without holding your iPhone on hands. Another best thing I always want to point is that Pioneer AVH-X4500BT did not jeopardize the sound quality. It is very clear, powerful and has 4 volt preamp outs and that you don’t normally find in units with all the media advantages. Would definitely recommend to anyone want a DVD compatible Bluetooth car stereo receiver. >-Click to View Details and Availability of This Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Bluetooth Receiver for Car on

Pioneer DEHX6600BT In-Dash CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver with A2DP Bluetooth, Pandora Link, MIXTRAX, iPod Support and AUX

Pioneer_DEHX6600BT_Bluetooth_car_stereo_receiver_with_Pandora Pioneer DEHX6600BT is a simple one din Bluetooth car stereo receiver with CD/MP3/USB, Pandora Link and MIXTRAX. It also supports iPod and AUX. It has no complex EQ adjustment nor satellite radio, what this unit has and I need it to be: good power, good looks, and friendly function setting. Bluetooth audio from cell phone with this unit is much crisper. The Bluetooth Mic is separate and comes with a long wire so that it can be attached to anywhere you want it. I was enough to run through the dash and up the door panel to my sun visor for mounting and a fairly long end. The sound is great. The BT connection is adequate for my Rhapsody and Pandora. Pairing procedure is quick and simple, just connect the phone and select BT Audio as the source. BT Phone calls are flawless. Multicolor lights on the radio will match different car interior perfectly. >-Click to View Details and Availability of This Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Bluetooth Receiver for Car on is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, but not limited to,,, or

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