Nyrius ARIES Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver: Eliminate The Need For Cable

The Nyrius ARIES Pro digital wireless HDMI transmitter is designed to meet the increasing demanding of high quality video transmission on the market. This Nyrius wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver system integrates WHDI technology, given by an Israeli Hi-tech company AMIMON, for truly HD wireless video broadcast. With whom you can get excellent HD video and audio quality and link robustness in both 2D and 3D mode.

Nyrius Wireless HDMI transmitter can beam HD signal from laptops, Blu-ray players or gaming consoles to your HDTV or home theater system. You don’t need an extra physical connection to get 1080p or even passive 3D video.

It is an ideal solution for beaming high-definition movies especially for those who want to update their old TV to a true HD model. Because it is so easy to choose a HDMI compatible TV but not for the location of a new HDMI cable in the old house. Who doesn’t want to throw away the cable and keeps only the HDMI quality!

Why We Need a Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System.

HD audio and video are the most exciting improvements of our entertainment experiences these years. Like any other technique evolution, this HD enjoyment also demands some changes of the old system. To get an idea 1080p 60HZ picture and 7.1 channel surrounding sound you need a special HDMI cable to perform this mission. Not a long time ago this 3gbps connection can be only done through solid cable. Wireless way seemed impossible!


A HDMI cable maybe fine within a short distance for an old system upgrade. But If you don’t locate any HDMI cable at the beginning of renovation, which is very normal for any house old than 10 years,  you may need a 30 feet HDMI cable running across all your furniture to connect your Xbox 360 with the HD projector to experience HD gaming with your friends. That picture may be something you don’t want to imagine.

Thank to the rapid evolvement of wireless transmission tech. This Nyrius wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver integrates WHDI 1.0 standard to give you a truly wireless HD connection.

Briefing of WHDI standard

WHDI_Logo3 Although there are many wireless HD technology, such as WiDi, WirelessHD and WiFi display etc. The WHDI is now the most practical one.

WHDI is invented to deliver high quality video and audio signal to HD displays. It achieves the same quality and speed as standard HD video inputs, including HDMI,DVI connection and component video. Products with this module are working at the frequency 5GHz unlicensed band. 5GHz spectrum regulations are naturally superior for wireless transmission. The range is beyond 100 feet. Signal can easily penetrate brick walls, and latency is less than one millisecond. Compare to another popular standard wireless HD, which chooses 60MHZ for the same purpose. The signal merely goes through anything the connection must be within the sight of line.

WHDI transfers uncompressed HD video streams, and offers equivalent video data rates of up to 3Gbps (including 1080p:1080 x 1920 x 24 bits / pixel x 60 Hz = 2.985984000Gbps) using 40 MHz of bandwidth. These wireless speeds were not available just a couple of years ago. Video data rates of up to 1.5 Gbps (including 1080i and 720p) can be delivered using only half 1080p bandwidth, literally 20mhz. Conforming to worldwide 5GHz spectrum regulations. The WHDI is backwards compatible with older high definition standards such as 720, or 1080i.

Another promising feature of WHDI standard is feedback remote control. It can send commands back wirelessly to the transmitter unit by an IR extender connected with the receiver. Enabling various adjustments through your TV remote such as increase or decrease the output volume level of your source device.

The most promising part of WHDI standard is more expendable capacity. Recently Amimon declares their next generation chip will support resolutions of up to 4Kx2K. Which is four time of 1080p. This means with this tech will be adapted by countless future HD products.

>-Click here to see more wireless HD protocols and products


As for now, there are just few projectors, desktops or laptops have built-in WHDI chips. This Nyrius pro digital wireless WHDI transmitter and receiver kit have compact design. The transmitter has a tiny body just as a USB flash storage. It has a micro USB slot for draining power not for data purpose. The receiver is just like a sleek box, with the penetration ability both the transmitter and receiver can be hidden behind the target device and functions well as they are designed to be.

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What’s in the package

nyrius-aries-pro-digital-wireless-hdmi-transmitter-and-receiver-1080p-3d-video-npcs550-all-in-box Nyrius includes everything you need for a wireless HDMI connection with in the box, you don’t have to buy anything else to enjoy the wireless HD movies

  • Nyrius Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver
  • External IR Receiver for Receiver
  • 100-240V AC Power Adapter for Receiver
  • 5 ft HDMI Cable to connect to HD display device
  • Right Angle HDMI Adapter for convenience
  • USB Power Cable for Receiver
  • Female USB Adapter for Power Transmitter
  • Warranty
  • 2 Velcro strips for binding the kit with target device


What satisfy me most of the wireless HDMI transmitter is how easily it works: No drivers to load, no setup menus, just plug and play. You didn’t have to fuss or tweak anything.

Follow these instructions below you can get wireless video within minutes:

  1. Unbox the package and get all the stuffs outs
  2. Plug in the transmitter to your computer or other compatible device HDMI interface,
  3. Power the transmitter with an open USB interface with the female USB cable included.
  4. Connect the wireless HDMI receiver with your HDTV or projector using the 5ft HDMI cable.
  5. Power transmitter with the 100-240V AC Power Adapter.
  6. Turn on all devices and change your TV channel to the appropriate HDMI port that you plugged the receiver into.
  7. The two units “find” each other and begin transmitting.

There’s no software to install, no messing around in the Control Panel, not calling anyone to help you figure it out. Just plug and play.


This Nyrius pro digital wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kit wirelessly beam full HD1080p/60 with digital audio up to 100ft (30m) from Mac Pro to the HDTV upstairs in my house. There is no line needed for high quality transmission. It provides not only the highest quality video but also supports Dolby Digital, DTS-HD. The sound quality is no different with a cable. So this wirelesses HDMI transmitter&receiver kit functions well for home viewing and entertainment. Anyone who owns this kit will free themselves from a wired mess. WHDI’s ability to deliver flawless uncompressed HD streams was a key ingredient and differentiator for this device. As mentioned above this little gadget also includes IR extension transmission function which entitles feedback control with your own remote.

Uncompressed or Compressed

Someone blamed that Nyrius made some misleading statement about the uncompressed HDMI signal quality. Honestly, if a person is so anxious for an absolutely flawless HD quality like movie-theater quality, then he shouldn’t reach for a wireless setup to archive it to begin with, as wireless will rarely ever match the quality of a wired setup without spending more to do so. This Nyrius pro digital wireless HDMI system is an excellent solution for almost 95% of daily gaming and movie watching. You will find it is almost equal, if not equal, to a wired connection. From my own experience, this is merely a theoretical differ not something you can notice with consumer level devices.Wireless_HDMI_Transmitter_Receiver

Pros and Cons


All of these are also plug-and-play setups, so once they were connected I needed to do nothing to make them work

WHDI™ Technology, which enables top-quality wireless uncompressed HD video delivery throughout the home, allowing to connect any source to any display without delay(less than 1ms).

This system can broadcast HDMI audio and video up to 100ft. It also transmits through walls, floors and ceilings with ease. Whether your HDTV is hanging over the fireplace, or on the other end of your house.

With the flexibility of being able to connect up to 8 transmitters to one receiver

The remote extender feature, you can point your remote control at the transmitter and receiver system. Attach the IR extender to the receiver, the commands received will go back wirelessly to the wireless HMDI transmitter unit(Another promising feature of WHDI standard)


Although WHDI wireless transmission supports 7.1 channel (PCM) audio transmission. This product didn’t have the ability for Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio.

My Suggest

The trend of high-definition audio and video is currently increasing. Compared to expensive and inconvenient wiring one or more extra HDMI cables, WHDI wireless adapter is obviously more practical. With this wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, you’ll be able to place your HDTV anywhere you’d like without having to deal with installing tedious cables and/or wiring.

It has a bargain price, making it more affordable to mount a HDTV on wall without wires. High-quality video, excellent audio with no lag time. Throw away the cable, wireless transmission, the mind freed from the shackles of cable, go to more free live entertainment and convenient state, will be the latest trend of future devices. Most appreciated gift for this year.

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One More Thing

During my decision of Nyrius Pro I gathered information about various types of wireless HDMI devices. Although I finally got Pro these devices are still something worth seeing. Some of them are capable of different type of HD inputs and outputs beside HDMI. Some has longer range and more HDMI ports than I need. Some have signal transmission within a room but with 7.1 surrounding sound. Some can be easily extended into multiroom video system by adding additional receivers (IOGEAR Long Range Wireless 5×2 HDMI Matrix PRO, Peerless HDS200 HD Flow Pro Wireless Kit).

Some of them are truly something I want but beyond my budget. They are not the right one for me but maybe something your circumstance requiring. So I list them below with brief tech features to facilitate your research. Hope you can have your own best wireless video solution.


Video HDMI

IR* ProtocolsPricesRating
Nyrius ARIES Pro Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System Nyrius_ARIES_Pro_Digital_Wireless_HDMI_Transmitter_Receiver Editors-Choice 160ft(50m)
even can go through brick walls and floors
5.1 PCM, DTS, Dolby Digital Surround Sound 3D Video
1x HDMI in
1x HDMI out (Extendable up to 4 receiver system )
IR extend function5Ghz WHDI
with zero latency and less interference
4.3 out of 5 stars over 770 reviews
Nyrius ARIES Prime Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver SystemNyrius_ARIES_Prime_Digital_Wireless_HDMI_Transmitter_Receiver_System Top-Pick 30ft a room solution1080p
5.1 PCM, DTS, Dolby Digital Surround Sound 3D Video
1x HDMI in
1x HDMI out
 5Ghz WHDI
with zero latency and less interference
4.3 out of 5 stars
Peerless HDS200 HD Flow Pro Wireless KitPeerless_HDS200_HD_Flow_Pro_Wireless_Kit_150 Best-Value Long range streaming up to 131ft (40m)Full HD 1080p (60Hz) (24/30/60 fps) and passive 3D signal flowTransmitter
2 HDMI in, 1 AV in and one VGA/PC-in
3.5mm audio in
2 HDMI out, 1 AV out and one component out and 3.5mm audio out
(Extendable to multiroom system)
IR extend functionPrivate (802.11n) network resists interference$$$$Discount
4.4 out of 5 stars
IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT Wireless 3D Digital Kit with Full HD 1080P and 5.1 Channel Digital AudioIOGEAR_GW3DHDKIT_Wireless_HDMI_3D_Digital_Kit_150 100ft (30m) signal can go through walls Wireless 3D support , Wireless Full HD 1080p and 5.1 channel digital audio Transmitter
2 x HDMI in
1 x HDMI out (loop-through local port) – Receiver
1 x HDMI output
IR extend function5Ghz WHDI
with zero latency and less interference
3.7 out of 5 stars
Nyrius ARIES Matrix wireless HDMI transmitting System nyrius-aries-matrix-wireless-hdmi-digital-transmitter-receiver-kit--for-hd-1080p 100ft (30m) signal can go through walls 1080p
5.1 PCM, DTS, Dolby Digital Surround Sound 3D Video
4x HDMI in
2x Component in
1x HDMI out (loop-through)
1x HDMI out
IR extend function5Ghz WHDI*
with zero latency and less interference
4.2 out of 5 stars
DVDO DVDOAir-P Wireless for HDMI Connection System
30 feet (with direct line of sights) 1080p, 3D and 7.1 high resolution audio CEC supported Transmitter
1x HDMI in
1x HDMI out
 wireless HD 60GHZ technology no interference $$Discount
4.4 out of 5 stars
DVDO AIR3-1 60GHz WirelessHD Adapter for HDMI Cable
30 feet (with direct line of sights) Perfect one room solution for video room 1080p, 3D and 7.1 high resolution audio CEC supportedTransmitter
1x HDMI in
1x HDMI out
 60 GHz wireless technology no interference no latency Mobile High Definition Link  $$Discount Rate
4.0 out of 5 stars
IOGEAR GWHDMS52 Wireless 5×2 HD Matrix IOGEAR_GWHDMS52_Wireless_5x2_HD_Matrix 100 feetFull HD 1080p, 3D Content, 5.1 Channel Digital AudioTransmitter
4 x HDMI in
1 x Component in
1 x USB in
1 x HDMI out (local port)
1 x HDMI output 1 x USB out
IR extend functionWHDI 5Ghz zero latency less interference$$$Discount
4.2 out of 5 stars
IOGEAR Long Range Wireless 5×2 HDMI Matrix PRO
Long Range 200 feet(60m)
multicasting up to 4 wireless HDMI receivers
Full HD 1080p, 3D Content, 5.1 Channel Digital AudioTransmitter
4 x HDMI in 1 x USB in 1 x HDMI out (local port)
1 x HDMI output
IR extend functionWHDI 5Ghz zero latency less interference$$$$ Discount
StarTech.com Wireless HDMI Extender WHDI
Pro for 100 feet
Prime for 50 feet
Full HD 1080p, 3D Content, 5.1 Channel Digital AudioTransmitter
1x HDMI in
1x HDMI out
IR extend functionWHDI 5Ghz zero latency less interference$$4.5 out of 5 stars
Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver Kit
60 feet(20 m)Full 1080p HD video with 5.1 channel digital audio 3d content Transmitter
2x HDMI in
1x HDMI local loop Receiver
1x HDMI out
 WHDI 5Ghz zero latency less interference$$ 

Price: $$ 150-250 dollars, $$$ 250-350 dollars, $$$$ over 350 bucks. Price and discount rates may vary as time goes on but the tendency will be stable.

IR extender: Some wireless HDMI receiver or transmitter has an IR extender allows user control over their source devices that are hidden away in a different location. Through it you can use the original IR remote control certain function like channel, play&pause, volume of source device whether it is a PS4, Xbox or Blu-ray player. Very convenient feature!

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    One quick item I wish we had been informed of is the “Trigger Family” USB driver that Nyrius uses, is incompatible with DisplayLink. The Nyrius driver takes priority and will prevent DisplayLink from working until removed. This became an issue when we tried to use Nyrius as a conference room projection tool.

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      Generally speaking these systems are designed to work at one position not moving or flying. But if you can manage to give it enough power and solve the stability problem Nyrius ARIES Pro Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System may have the ability you want. However, I have not tested it and not ever noticed any others had done that.

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      Hi Robert:
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