Pure Evoke F4: an innovation of internet radio

Pure Evoke F4 internet radio Introduction

Pure has always been considered as a great company for producing excellent and affordable radios. The Pure Evoke F4 is another all-in-one internet radio given recently as an update for the Evoke Flow. This Pure Evoke F4 DAB/FM radio has all the functions and style of the company’s classic DAB product, but adds-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and multi-room capabilities. Pure_Evoke_F4_Portable_internet_radio_Pure

Harmony and smart design

The Evoke F4 takes an interesting retro design. It has a glossy black lacquered wood box rather than the old plastic by its cousin Evoke Flow. Except from 2 inevitable Knobs: Selector and Volume, all other buttons such as Home, Back and Record  are touch sensitive rather than traditional push activated. The white and black OLED display fits it’s out looking better than a color one for reaching a chord with the whole box and its slivery touch buttons. On the rear, this new Pure internet radio features an 3.5mm input, an 3.5mm output for an extra speaker and a USB slot to external USB storage drive. A removable plate covers the battery compartment. Pure Evoke F4 Portable Internet Radio is also a perfect bedside clock radio for having a unique Snooze Handle permitting a more easier reaching than the traditional snooze button. Pure_Evoke_F4_Portable_internet_radio_back


Pure Evoke F4 is an all-round generalist of internet radio receiver, wireless bluetooth speaker, uPnP and DLNA audio streamer, USB drive music player/recorder and a FM/RDS radio receiver. This Evoke F4 internet radio wound also pair with other Pure Jongo music devices to be extended to a multiroom sound system to share music or radio stations within the house range simultaneously.

Numerous internet radio stations Pure_Evoke_F4_Portable_internet_radio_siriusXM

Pure claims that there are over 20,000 Internet radio stations in their database. The number of on-demand programs and podcast is even more, including some nice content. In January 8th, 2014 – Pure announces availability of SiriusXM. Through Pure’s award-winning internet radios Evoke F4, One Flow and Sensia 200D customer are allowed access to SiriusXM’s commercial-free music. It is really a good news for providing us more reachable high quality radio sources.

Bluetooth steaming

The Pure Evoke F4 has also equipped with Bluetooth adapter for you to stream music from any Bluetooth device. You can just utilize it as another wireless Bluetooth speaker. The protocol is Bluetooth 2.1+ A2DP, so you can enjoy music through the 3.5" full range speaker, the sound is no doubt more fabulous than that from the tiny built-in speaker of your phone or tablet. The little puzzle Pure supply Bluetooth with an extra USB adapter, rather than integrate it into main broad.

FM radio

As an FM radio Evoke F4 is really good. It also comes with the most recent FM feature RDS to show information about the program you are about to listen to. Evoke F4 also has an external antenna for terrestrial radio. So it locks on easily, and totally free of hiss even indoors. There are will be a steady signal when you move about between radio transmitters. Audio quality is good with a bit more familiar style. The DAB function can give more detailed sound, but that is only available in some countries like Germany, France, United Kingdom(partial) not America.

USB playing and recording

Users of this internet radio can also plug in a USB Flash drive to play compatible AAC, MP3 and WMA files flawlessly. You can search and select files by artist, playlist or genre. For either audio on a network or a USB drive in the deck itself. Pure Evoke F4 can also record audio from Internet radio to the storage drive plugged in.

Multi-Alarming System

The F4 also has a powerful alarm and timer function of alarm clock, sleep timer and kitchen timer. For the alarm clock feature, two individual alarms can be set with a number of specifications. It can be configured as one single time alarm, weekdays, weekends or particular any day you like. Alarming sounds can be set to Pure Connect streaming, FM radio station or just a tone. And that is not all you can even set a specific volume level and snooze time for each alarm separately. Another amazing feature Pure has done is the transforming of the metal carry handle into a multi-functional snooze button. A very clever arrangement.


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App control of Pure Evoke F4

Pure_Connect_appNormal controls with FM stations are very simple using a combination of two knobs and several touch-sensitive buttons. But that is not the same when it comes with the internet radio or local uPnP streaming. Browsing rich content from the OLED screen will be not just troublesome but also problematic.

There is no need to look through the long list of thousand of internet station on the little OLED screen. That painful way has been totally replaced by a simple and potential Pure Connect app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

This Pure app allows you to control most function of Evoke F4 from your smartphone, You can broadcast tunes from Pure Music or SiriusXM (paid subscription streaming service) and even control the volume of other linked compatible Jongo speakers. You are also able to search and add an internet station to the favourite list easily.  Another convenience brought will be the process of browsing content on DLNA media shares and building playlists with app. It becomes so easy just like did with a pc browser.

Sound Quality

As an all around internet radio Evoke F4 is designed to be able to treat higher quality source material. For online music steaming does not utilize those low bit rates files all the time. Pure chooses a new 3.5" full-range speaker for Evoke F4. With superior quality audio source, this 3.5" speaker driven by an internal D-Class amplifier gives well-balanced sound with much more details and trebles.That will be the best you can get with radio this size. When switching back to FM the sound will be fairly warm and slightly soft. Just the ‘radio’ style with most of Pure’s kitchen top-sized radios.

Generally speaking the sound is great with full detail from a 3.5" speaker of this Pure Evoke F4.  The bass port also is used to make this device a little louder. Nevertheless, as with any other speaker of this size, it has its own limits. The size would lend itself well to be used for an office or other indoor environment. If you intend to use it with a larger scale space the Pure Evoke F4 has a 3.5mm line-out to be attached to any home amplifier as an audio source for better sound.

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  • Internet radio receiver+ Wireless bluetooth speaker+ uPnP/DLNA audio streamer+USB drive music player+FM/RDS radio receiver
  • mart multiple alarming system with all possibilities
  • Sleek attractive white and black design
  • Pure Connect app to control the F4 from your phone
  • Extendable to multi-room with Jongo-compatible devices
  • The audio quality of this radio is excellent for its size


  • Some advanced features like bluetooth and DLNA are often a little tricky to use
  • A little expensive for over 200 bucks
  • Although Pure makes a battery to increase the mobility, That battery package must be purchased separately( Grace Digital and Logitech Squeeze Box do the same, What a shame of them!)
  • Some features like streaming and downloading can be only done with paid subscription of Pure Music not accessible through free service.


Bottom line

The Evoke F4 a good all-in-one personal music system with a remarkable combination of features. This internet radio suits a wide variety of situations, the kitchen or bedroom. It excels a traditional FM radio but more like a more advanced casual-listening streaming speaker with all possible sources. It is the most feature-complete internet radio to date. If you can live with a few usability niggles, that is. Pure Evoke F4.

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