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REVO has earned many rewards for offering sleek design radios and high standards audio systems for the past decade. Revo SuperConnect is a new generation WiFi and Bluetooth enabled internet radio. It is with reliable functionality at the highest level by covering all nearly all audio sources you have. With it you can easily connect to over 16,000 internet radio stations. With it you can stream local music via DLNA tech to its amazing patented BMR (balanced mode radiator) speaker. With it you can also listen to local FM stations. And with it you get a wireless apt-X Bluetooth speaker with near CD-quality sound.

revo_superconnect_radio_internet_radio_frontAs a music lover I had experienced several main switching of audio playback devices. From cassette player to the CD player, then CD to MP3 player like iPod classic, the most favorite music device for me for many years. And now like most of you I choose to listen online. I am subscribers of Pandora, SirusXM and Spotify. The last one is my present beloved one for its well organized 20 million tracks lib and friendly interface.

Although happy with the services of Spotify, I still have a long desire to extend Spotify to exceed my iPhone and computer. Tiny speakers of smartphone are not my preferred way of music. While the inconvenience of linking a PC to the audio system doesn’t seem to be my style either. I am a lazy man and hate the mass of wiring.

So I search for an alternative product and found there are about 10 or more companies that provide internet radio with Spotify connect. Famous Grace Digital has several models and Sangean also has some. But none of these has convinced me to have a try for I want something retro and low-key not mediocre. That’s exactly why I am so excited to find this Revo SuperConnect.

Sleek Yuppie Design

revo_superconnect_radio_internet_radio_with_remote The very first glance of Revo SuperConnect I was attracted by its perfect fusion of classic and modern design. Eyes catching American walnut case combines with the anodized aluminum front cover makes this Revo radio superior to its plastic competitors. The black OLED display, showing blue text and icons, fits this Yuppie style better than a colored one. The five direction joystick, located on the left top of the screen, will help you go through navigation menus. A column of horizontal arranged black buttons on the bottom offering mode switching, preset and other necessary functions.

Don’t let retro looking deceive you. Under the vintage case lies a high tech core capable of the latest audio streaming technology and much more. In fact, Revo SupperConnect is a hybrid of WiFi radio, apt-X wireless Bluetooth speaker, DLNA streamer and local FM radio receiver. No matter what music source you will encounter it will always work.

You can use it with over 16 000 radio stations worldwide. When working within your house, it will communicate with PC via DLNA and WLAN and stream high bitrates music files. It has even the ability of Bluetooth connection with apt-x codec as a wireless speaker. Supporting of Spotify connect completes this long offer list. In this approach, it provides access to over 20 million tracks with a Spotify radio subscription. As mentioned before Spotify connect appeals to me much. I can choose and play my favor songs as had done with a smart phone but with a better sound quality than before.

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Sometime you have to commit that better sound is guaranteed by a large speaker. Compared with its peers Revo SupperConnect has a 3.5′ BMR (balanced mode radiator) speaker driven by a 15W Class D amplifier to ensure you can get the best sound from it. When use it for background music the performance is as good as expect. The audio scale is wide with rich details for both high and low frequency.

The volume is fair enough to fill my bedroom and I hear music pretty well in a nearby room. And of course, the quality may vary depending on the audio sources you select. The higher bitrates is the better result you can get from it. That means Spotify or local music streaming will bring you more pleasant experience than the average internet radio station, though that sound is better than previous with phone speakers. revo_supperconnect_internet_radio_slide_knob

Rather Than Radio

Revo SupperConnect plays audio from a number of sources. Obviously as a sensitive radio receiver SuperConnect can receive FM with RDS, DAB and DAB +. And as an internet radio it covers thousands of radio stations all around the world. SuperConnect also stream music from any device with DLNA and WLAN technology. And any mobile device with Bluetooth would pair with it through internal Bluetooth apt-X. All these are to satisfy your insatiable appetite for beautiful music. But what matters to me much is the Spotify connect.

Spotify Connect with SuperConnectspotify_connect

Spotify connect is a new music streaming service by Spotify, which can be used on many mobile devices such as Smartphone, tablet and the REVO SuperConnect. Users will have a direct access to thousands of songs from Spotify with a Spotify premium account. All these tracks are in the best sound quality.

Steaming Spotify content through SuperConnect is easy. Open Spotify App, tap the speaker icon in the bottom and select SuperConnect. The next second fantastic music will fulfill your ears.  Revo_supperconnect_spotify_connect_config4

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Just a few years before Bluetooth connectivity was merely an option for an internet radio. Because it seemed redundant for already having the internet connection. And partially because Bluetooth’s low audio quality and long latency.

Things have changed much due to rapid progress of Bluetooth tech and versatility of Bluetooth device. Bluetooth apt-X codec now can provide near CD quality sound and latent time has been minimized to just 32 milliseconds(apt-X Low Latency). So SupperConnect with apt-X works great as a wireless Bluetooth speaker.



  • FM with RDS DAB, DAB +
  • DLNA wireless audio streaming from PC or Mac
  • Streams include WMA, AAC, FLAC, MP3, MP2, RA
  • Spotify Connect
  • apt-X Bluetooth audio streaming CD quality
  • Stereo out (2x RCA) optical Out and stereo input


  • Controls are smooth with the sturdy remote and through on screen navigation menus but having no app maybe considered as a shortcoming of an elegant product. revo_supperconnect_with_all_accessories

Bottom line

red_dot Revo SupperConnect plays audio from a number of sources including FM, internet radio stations, Bluetooth audio device, UPnP music server and Spotify connect service. For Design, it has American walnut wood case for retro style while the aluminum cover for modern atmosphere. This sleek design had won it the Red Dot Rearwards of 2014. The D class amplifier and 3.5′ BMR (balanced mode radiator) speaker will also bring a superior playback quality and bass rich details. If you’re trying to find a radio that has punch Revo SupperConnect will not disappoint you.

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  • Chris December 31, 2015 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Here’s some feedback from my own persoanl Experiences: Awesome build and sound, but beware, completely impractical for a Bedroom

    Let’s start with the good stuff first, or rather if you are reading this you probably already know the good stuff. The reviews on this site (and others) are accurate in that the device is exceptional in its build and sound quality, but what they will fail to mention is the sheer impracticality of it in a specific situation, namely the bedroom as a DAB/Internet Radio Alarm. After a year of ownership and an ongoing dialogue with Revo since day 1 to see if they could see the folly of their logic and design implementation, I think it is worthwhile me posting this frank owners review. As far as I understand, these issues also apply to the Revo SuperSignal too.

    So, why is this device so poor in this situation? Well, for operation in a Bedroom, the primary function (more than likely) is to operate as an alarm clock, and for an alarm to function adequately in today’s era, it needs to be able to perform to a level that one has come to expect from the simple devices that have proceeded it, namely:

    • There should be an ability to snooze the alarm multiple times during the entire alarm operation.
    • Ideally, the alarm should be able to operate for a length of time suitable for all users.
    • The alarm should be able to be set without the need to actually switch the radio on.

    So, what is it that the SuperConnect (and SuperSignal) do to make them so poor in this area?

    1) The user gets just 1 minute from alarm activation to snooze the alarm. The alarm will come on and gradually increase in volume (which is a touch of class) so waking you up quite gently, however, if you so wish to operate the snooze feature by touching the front grill panel of the device (also a very nice touch), you must do so within 1 minute of the initial alarm operation otherwise you will be unable to snooze the alarm at all!
    2) If you have managed to snooze the alarm once, you do NOT get another opportunity to snooze when the alarm reactivates after the set snooze period. This is a one shot deal!
    3) The alarm will only last for 1 hour. Now, this may not be a big deal to many, but since pretty much all of my previous low quality radio alarm clocks (even dating back to hand-me-downs from the 80’s!) were able to run for two hours, then I feel that such a high end device should at least have this as a user configurable option.
    4) In order to actually set the alarm, you have to switch on the device! This I truly cannot fathom. So, the example here is that you come to bed late, your partner is already asleep but you realise that you need to adjust the wake time on the alarm. In order to adjust this, you actually need to switch ON the device, thus causing noise and waking up all and sundry. There really is no excuse for this oversight. There are two independent alarms that can be configured, which I’m guessing most will have set as daily and weekend, however, if either need to be adjusted, you HAVE to switch on the device first in order to get to the settings menu.
    5) To follow on from points 1,2 and 4, the only practical way I have found to get an additional snooze, is to switch OFF the alarm, then switch back ON the alarm in order to reconfigure a new time (for a few minutes in the future), then switch back off the device!

    These simple requirements have seemingly been completely overlooked or ignored by Revo, even after highlighting the issues directly to the team over a year ago. None of the changes requested would affect the current operation, and only enhance the operation of the product. So, these improvements would include:

    1) Ensure that the front grill snooze function remains active for the duration of the alarm. I had suggested that even if there was some obscure reason why this could not be achieved (which Revo have been unable/unwilling to offer me so far), then at the very least the button on the remote should be able to operate the snooze (which also doesn’t work). Further, wouldn’t it be great if the snooze button on the remote was a different colour so when you are scrabbling to operate the button without glasses first thing in the morning, you can easily press the correct button.
    2) Ensure that the snooze continues to operate after the first time it has been activated. Again, this relates to 1 above, and seems like a completely reasonable request.
    3) As mentioned, the length of alarm time on such a high end device should be customisable by the user.
    4) Setting the alarm needs to be achieved with the device in off mode. Currently, you cannot access the Settings menu without the device being switched on. This needs to be rethought, and whoever decided that this was “sensible” needs re-training.
    5) If the above steps are competed, it would fix the issue of trying to reset the alarm time to gain an additional snooze.

    I had hope that during the course of the year, a firmware update would be released to fix these basic issues. Unfortunately, none has been forthcoming.

    As a final point, I remind all reading this review that this device is a top end, premium product, but that does not mean that basic functionality should be compromised. I can only hope that others will help Revo understand and fix the issues. In the meantime, I have reverted to my appalling Argos special from years ago until I can find a suitable replacement. As such, I can only give this otherwise exceptional device, 3 stars.

    • portablehifi March 7, 2016 at 12:43 pm - Reply

      Thank you very much for sharing your own experience with us about this Revo SuperConnect internet tuner!

    • Erik September 8, 2016 at 11:40 am - Reply

      Chris, you are an idiot.
      You are asking for the most stupid ‘fixes’ for what is an excellent product. No wonder Revo are ignoring you!

      Multiple snoozes . . . either just set the alarm later or . . . GET OUT OF BED!!! What the heck is an alarm for anyway?

      Alarm operate for a length of time for all users? Really? So one hour isn’t enough? Have you tried it on the buzzer for an one hour . . . I reckon you’d change your mind then. And stop being a lazy slob and lying in bed for over an hour. First point . . . what the heck is an alarm for anyway?

      Have to turn on the unit to set the alarm. Maybe you should just go back to 1970; this is basically a computer system we are dealing with, no power no go!

      So in summary, you are just an idiot, there’s nothing wrong with the Revo unit.

      • portablehifi September 9, 2016 at 1:01 pm - Reply

        Thank you for your comment. Your experience is valuable for all Revo fans. Just one point, please not to be so aggressive next time.

  • Internet Police September 20, 2016 at 3:34 pm - Reply

    Eric, your manner is typical of ignorant internet bullies. You are rude and arrogant. The previous poster ‘Chris’ is entitled to his opinion and anyone who reads his post can decide for themselves whether they agree or disagree. We do not require a pompous arse like you to help us. It is my opinion that he has taken the trouble to explain detail that other people researching this product will find interesting. Whilst a different implementation of the alarm system might not be of any use to you I think Chris’ suggestions make a lot of sense and others may do as well.

  • Greg January 5, 2019 at 9:58 pm - Reply


    This is Greg from Grace Digital. This Revo radio is a great radio. However, I like to comment to Chris that the new Grace Digital Radio’s address 100% of his comments:
    – you can snooze multiple times as well as set the number of minutes for the snooze . You can also snooze at anytime after the alarm sounds.
    – the alarm duration is by default 1 hour but you can set the duration to be shorter or longer
    – when the radio is off you can press the home button and the alarm menu will pop up but the music will not turn on and after you set the alarm it will go bank to standby.

    Other alarm clock features( adjustable sleep timer, adjustable sleep timer fade out and adjustable alarm volume fade in, day and nighttime backlight settings. Alarms can be set to one of 10 presets or one of 8 alarms or usb drive music.

    If portablehifi is interested in reviewing our new line of internet radios we would be more than happy to send them to you.

    Regards, Greg

  • Revo SuperConnect – Ljy May 30, 2019 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    […] Portable HiFi – Revo SuperConnect: New Generation Hybrid Radio […]

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